Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Kenya's political showcase

As I watched TV yesterday, I couldn't help but muster minister Kombo challenging the results of the Steadman polls, questioning the research company's funding arrangements. Yet past experience has it that this company is world-reknowned for its accuracy in its research polls. But then again, Kalonzo attracted a crowd to put Elvis Presley to shame, yet the polls indicate he is just a mere 'donkey', while Raila is tops. TV opinions indicate that majority of Kenyans do not want Federal governance as Raila and Kalonzo advocate for, yet the polls indicate otherwise. The country is torn between machungwa and the incumbent president. Unfortunately, tribal differences and lack of education are standing in the way of clearheadedness in taking Kenya to the place it belongs on the world map, a force to reckon with. I think we need to focus on integrity and issues, to make a wise vote for someone who has the very country's needs at heart, and the willpower to implement proper policies that'll benefit every beloved citizen for the common good.
But then again, as we head to the polls later this year, do we really have a candidate who is made up of this stuff? Am I being merely utopic?
One thing is for sure, kazi ya kutafuna machungwa iendelee....!

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