Friday, April 4, 2008

My Country, my love

We have just recovered from the worst political crisis in the history of this nation. There has been massive bloodshed all over the land. Kofi Annan has done his shingdings and now we can face each other with some bit of confidence.

But the most amazing thing... Kibaki and Raila are getting into a coalition govt. They have taken so long to agree on a cabinet. So much tension as a result of the delayed announcement of the same. Eventually, Agwambo comes up onto my screen with a good news. Yes, you guess right...a cabinet is due for announcement. And yes, you are right again, 40 members it is.

Sounds familiar....? Ever heard of Ali baba and the 40 thieves?

We fight for democracy by killing ourselves. Then we pay very dearly for the same, up to 1.3 B a year to the same guys who caused the chaos.

Man, I love this nation.