Saturday, January 17, 2009

Kenyans: Could we actually be sick?

I'm an amazed fellow. Why is it that while we are known to be people who riot and cozz over trampled electoral rights (pretty low down in the pecking order) we are not rising to the occasion when it is most needed? We are living in a time when all we see on TV are scandals, scandals and more scandals that come in all the colors of the rainbow...especially Indigo.

Most importantly, these scandals are affecting us directly (we have established already that irrespective of who won the election, they are all birds of the same feather thus it'd have made no difference) name it, fuel, maize, drugs etc. Why is it that we are letting these people go scot free? Why are there no groups of people demonstrating on the streets are they did when it 'really did not matter'? Who told us that people in power cannot be brought down on their knees to respect the rule of law and the demands of the electorate while still in office and that we have to wait until election time to eject them (while sadly we still bring them back)?

Could it be that we are actually sick, that we have had our economic, moral and political nerves eaten up so much that when these guys bite the tenderest spots we do not have the nerve to respond? Could we be so weak that we cannot help but watch helpless as out beautiful beautiful country is being messed up by some senseless morons with total disregard to morality?

If indeed we are, then let's first admit it, get a proper diagnosis and then a cure to our society in order to attain the development and prosperity that we so badly need. But it has got to start with you and me, not the Americans, the Saudis or the Ugandans (I hear there's a massive oil discovery in Kabakaland).