Friday, April 3, 2009

Finally...the men women want.

The Bad Boy
He may not have a pot to p*ss in or a window to throw it out, but, if he’s a thug or some other type of bad boy, women will want him. BAD. They’ll wanna fight other women for him. They’ll wanna be his baby mama. They’ll wanna be the one that he settles for. Guess what? This dude’s not gonna settle! He loves the attention and he’ll play a woman as long as she lets him. And if you leave him? So what. There’s another woman waiting around the corner to take your place. Turns out he’s been seeing her on the side anyway.

The Brainiac
Women are turned on by a certain part of a man where the bigger, the better. I’m talking about his brain, of course! We love a man who can challenge our intellect and enlighten us on a few subjects, whether it be politics, mechanical engineering, or whatever subject matter we’re lacking knowledge in. It’s sexy when a man can hold a stimulating conversation and actually look us in the eye. It doesn’t hurt when he can answer a few questions while playing Trivial Pursuit, either.

The Charmer
Charisma is extremely important. Nobody wants to end up with someone who will bore them out of their skull. It’s important to us that our man is appreciated by our friends and loved ones. He should have the wit and charm to hold folks in awe for hours on end. We want to hear them say “What a great guy! I like him. When is he coming around again?”

The Knight in Shining Armor
Let’s face it, women don’t like wimps. We want a man to protect us from danger, defend our honor, and carry our heavy groceries (not necessarily in that order). We want a strong man in our corner. Not that we’ll test him, but we basically want him to be able to kick someone’s butt if it comes down to that.

The Perfect Man
Does he exist? Some seem to have found him. This is the guy who fits a good chunk of the checklist items of what we want in a man. Handsome? Check. Got a job? Check. Watches chick flicks without complaining? Check. He may have some little quirks that we think are cute, but overall he’s all that, and then some. Sometimes he’s right in front of us and we don’t even realize it.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Google Search on SMS in Kenya

Google Kenya has recently launched an SMS based seratch facility for users especially in Kenya. The main idea is to send your search phase to GOOG (4664) and await the response. The catch is that the internet giant company is making use of its local partner (Mobile Planet)'s foothold on the SMS and mobile application business of the Kenyan (and East African) market for the service.

Of course, being the Google admirer that I am, I went ahead and tried the service. These were the results. First, an acknowledgement text that my request has been received and that the response will be quick in following. I had to wait for another 20 mins before the 'results' came back in. My take...? Pretty disappointing. The results were nowhere near what I was seeking. As a matter of fact it gave me some location in Russia as opposed to a software company I was hoping it would give me info about.

I agree that in sub saharan Africa SMS based applications have a big potential, but on this one, Googlers need to up the game, otherwise I believe we have better local service providers for data on SMS.